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Class of 2010
Aubrey Johnson
Dee Emarthle
Class of 2010 signing NLI
Interview with Shaylee Rowland
Bailee Hendrickson's diving catch at the Firecracker Invitational
2012 Homecoming
Co-Co Epps
Muskogee loses to Sapulpa, season ends
Author: M. Kays
BROKEN ARROW — Lexi Watson fought back the tears as a long and frustrating slowpitch season came to an end here Tuesday, two games short of the customary spot. “When you’ve been to the state tournament the last three years, it really is frustrating
Sequoyah goes 3-1, Muskogee, Tahlequah winless in Slugout
Author: Mike Kays
Sequoyah goes 3-1, Muskogee, Tahlequah winless inSlugout Sequoyah didn’t get to settle the Muskogee Slugout on the field. Sort of. Class 5A No. 1’s Lady Indians swept through action on Saturday, beating Jenks 7-1 and then Broken Arrow 11-9, to fini
Muskogee Falls To Jenks In Low-Scoring Affair
Author: GC
JENKS 2, MUSKOGEE 1 — Jenks broke a 1-1 tie in the bottom of the fourth. The No. 14 Lady Trojans led 1-0 with a second inning run before No. 9 Muskogee (8-4) tied the game in the top of the fourth on a Dymin Purdin RBI which scored Elexis Watson.
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