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Class of 2010
Aubrey Johnson
Dee Emarthle
Class of 2010 signing NLI
Interview with Shaylee Rowland
Bailee Hendrickson's diving catch at the Firecracker Invitational
2012 Homecoming
Co-Co Epps
Sad day at state tournament: Muskogee drops 6A final in coach's last game
Author: Mike Kays
OKLAHOMA CITY — Muskogee coachKeith Coleman’s final season’s mantra was “Win the Final Day,” and the Roughersdid just that. Justnot quite enough. No. 1Southmoore’s power launched it to a 15-4 win over Coleman’s No. 2 squad inTuesday’s Class 6A stat
Roughers win Coleman's final regional here
Author: Mike Kays
Roughers win Coleman's final regional here Phynix Coleman's home run to center in the second tied the game. Consecutive RBI singles in the fifth inning by Carlee Gann, Watson and Emarthle finished the game on the third run-rule win of the day.
From tragic, triump: Scary twist shifted Muskogee coach's career
Author: Mike Kays
From tragic, triumph: Scary twist shifted Muskogee coach's career   By Mike Kays Phoenix Sports Editor    Apr 24, 2016 If for everything there is a reason, tragic circumstances helped not only shape a coaching career but the dir
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