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Class of 2010
Aubrey Johnson
Dee Emarthle
Class of 2010 signing NLI
Interview with Shaylee Rowland
Bailee Hendrickson's diving catch at the Firecracker Invitational
2012 Homecoming
Co-Co Epps
One Costly Mistake
Author: Ronn Rowland
8/25/2014 By Ronn Rolwand In a pitcher’s duel, the team that makes the least amount of mistakes usually wins the game. On Monday, that team was the Tulsa Union Lady Redskins as they scored an unearned run in the top of the seventh to down the Musk
Roughers Sweep at NOC Festival
Author: Phoenix
NORTHERN FESTIVAL – The Muskogee Lady Roughers hammered Drummond 18-0 in five innings before beating Alva 3-0. Aubrey Johnson tossed a five-inning perfect game in her first start of the season for Muskogee (8-5) versus Drummond and struck out six bat
Roughers Split in Moore Festival
Author: Phoenix
MOORE FESTIVAL – Elexis Watson pitched a no-hitter as the Lady Roughers (6-5) were victorious over Westmoore, 7-2. Watson did not allow an earned run while striking out one and going 2-for-3 with a double and two RBIs. Dee Emarthle was perfect from t
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